CROWD Sp. z o.o. Sp. k has been established in 2000 year as a small contractor company delivering engineering services, mainly for the transportation and automotive industries. We have gradually expanded our activities to start delivering more complex solutions with increasing workshare and projects responsibility.

    In this moment we are ready to offer to our customers complete solution in a field of unique machinery and equipment designing, prototype building and low rate manufacturing.​


  • Meeting and exceeding customer’s expectation​
  • Quality of our work with rigorous quality assurance​
  • Delivering cost effective solutions​
  • Continuous development of our capabilities ​


​We would like to point your attention on couple facts which in our opinion making CROWD an attractive business partner:​

  • Our company is decent blend of engineering and manufacturing capabilities​
  • Due to inhouse manufacturing capabilities of the complex mechanical components our costs and lead times are reduced to minimum​
  • In our company everybody's opinion are valued - Our workshop and engineering Staff working unison to deliver optimal solution for the customer,  we are promoting culture of the company without distinction of the grey and white collar employees.


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